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Infrastructure Management Services

Fortira Inc. does not just assess your business challenges; we work as hard as you do to solve them

Fortira Inc. is a privately owned business based in the United States, with Corporate Headquarters in New Jersey. From its founding in 1996 (as RIK Technologies), the focus of Fortira Inc. has been to provide their clients professional services and result-oriented technology solutions.

Our smart sourcing capabilities enable us to provide cost-effective solutions using the most cutting-edge technologies, and our Solutions Team enables us to create, deliver, and manage our clients' projects over their life cycle.

Fortira offers the folllowing lines of services: Consulting, IT Nearshoring and Infrastructure services, Staffing, and Outplacement in key areas. Our aim is to help companies optimize their operations and cost structure to achieve higher ROI in both IT Staffing and Project outsourcing.

Our staff of professionals include programmers, developers, analysts, and management experts from diverse technical backgrounds.

We have a proven track record of providing effective business-technology solutions to the nation's largest corporations. Using the most advanced technologies available, we help our clients develop standard, scalable system architecture of inter-operating components.