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Why Azure DevOps - Overview and End-to-End Demo

If you are using 4-5 different tools and are struggling to achieve end-to-end traceability, see how Azure DevOps can help you with all capabilities built into one tool. let us explore Azure DevOps features such as Dashboards, Project Management, Code Repositories, Build and Release pipelines, Testing and Package Management.

Manage your Project efficiently

You can track real time progress of your projects based on Agile or Waterfall model with customizable Dashboards, work Items, Kanban and Task boards, Capacity Planning, Cumulative flow, Velocity and Burndown graphs, customizable Queries and Charts. And with Plans you can visualize and track work across all your teams. let us explore new possibilities.

Get started with Azure Repos for any language, any platform

Enjoy unlimited code storage along with history, commits, branches, Pull requests, Tags, Changesets, Shelvesets. To store your code securely on cloud, two inbuilt repository types called Git and TFVC are provided. Join us to see which repository type and branching strategy suits your coding requirements. See how branch policies can help in keeping your code clean and safe.

Create automated CI/CD Pipelines with approvals

Are you spending a lot of time to manually merge the code? Are you still moving builds across Dev, QA and Prod environments? Make your life easier and avoid manual errors by switching to automated Build and Release pipelines and deploy effortlessly to cloud or on-premises servers. Minimize software risks by making unit tests, code coverage, code quality checks, integration tests, approvals a part of your pipeline.

Create and execute manual, semi-automated, and exploratory tests

See how testing your code manually with the assistance of Azure DevOps aids your productivity. Also, have a look at exploratory testing which can help us create Bugs on the go with rich logs.

Modernize your legacy application

Let us see how a legacy code can be cleaned up to suite modern day practices. Explore Branching strategy, Package Management, CI/CD pipelines for deploying applications to Cloud based PaaS or AKS.

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Speaker Profile

Hoysala.G DevOps Technical Consultant

Hoysala is Azure DevOps Technical Consultant with 10+ years of rich experience in the IT industry in different areas. He has been consulting for many clients on TFS, Azure DevOps and Visual Studio. Leads DevOps engagements and Sessions in APAC regions.