Source code migration to GitHub

Migration of Source Code to GitHub

Our end-to-end solution covering assessment, planning, pre-requisite setup, migration to GitHub, post migration support and hands-on training are a great help to the customers.

As part of the process, we take complete care of the following:

  • Assessment of the current environments such as TFS/other tool like SVN, GitLab environment, learn about repos, branches, folders etc.
  • Provide migration plan and estimation
  • Installation or configuration of GitHub Enterprise Server/ Cloud
  • Provide assistance to the customers to migrate source code to GitHub Enterprise Server/ Cloud
  • Briefing on new features of GitHub including Actions, Packages and integration points.
  • Handholding and training sessions for teams on the best practices and usage of GitHub as DevOps platform
  • Define roadmap for end-to-end DevOps implementation using GitHub